5-10mm Coloured Glass

5-10mm coloured glass is the size grading of choice by the majority of experienced concreters. It has been designed to be used as a seeded aggregate in a range of concrete based applications.

Clear glass is carefully tumbled to remove any sharp edges, then colour coated on all sides with a polyurethane coating highly resistant to U.V. light, abrasion and weather.


Take a look at our video about using 5-10mm coloured glass in polished concrete 

Range of coloured glass – 19 standard colours

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Available in 2.5kg & 10kg bags or 1 tonne bulk bags



When using tumbled glass in concrete, it is imperative to use an aggregate that has been properly treated and coated to ensure a successful and long lasting installation.

Schneppa Glass™ has been carefully treated on all sides with a high quality patented coating to ensure that the glass pieces will not slip or pop out of the concrete. There is also no chance of leaching, which can occur when untreated or improperly prepared glass is used in exposed aggregate or polished concrete installations.

The colour pigments used are similar to those used in high performance paints, industrial and architectural finishes.

Application of the specified colour coating to the glass pieces provides a semi-transparent colour which allows a certain amount of light to pass through. Having the underside coloured allows the colour to show through even if, after many years, the top layer is abraded away.

Perfect for use in polished concrete floors, polished concrete bench tops and exposed aggregate concrete.

We have a stunning range of colours to choose from – there’s sure to be an option just right for you!

If you’re thinking about polished concrete, our clear mirror glass has been especially designed for this type of application.

Looking for a multi coloured effect? You can view our popular pre-mix glass range here.

Does the idea of having glow in the dark concrete appeal to you? Take a look at our Schneppa Glass™ PolyGlow Marble Glow Stones. Simply add to your choice of colours from our coloured glass range for a truly unique look.

If you have a colour in mind that is not listed above, please get in touch to see if we’re able to assist.


*Every effort has been made to represent the true colour of the product

*Size and colour variations can occur between batches and colours

*Due to the nature of recycled glass, some batches, on occasion, may contain traces of recycled by products

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