Fire Glass

Fire Glass, sometimes referred to as Fire Crystals, is a glass product designed for use in gas fire places and in outdoor fire pits.


Our premium Fire Glass product is designed to stand out from the crowd and be the centre of attention.


Fire Glass can be used in either outdoor fire pits or indoor gas fire places.


Fire Glass picks up on light and reflects it around the space creating a stunning shine. This is why even when the area is not being used, it still looks magical.


The Fire Glass difference

A traditional wooden fireplace will often involve a lot of work to maintain, this is why Fire Glass is a highly sought after modern alternative.

Commonly with a fireplace or fire pit there is the issue of smoke or ashes, however with Fire Glass you don’t need to worry about any of that.


New Smoke Colour


Arctic Clear Colour


Tempered Glass Vs Non- Tempered Glass

Only tempered glass can be used safely in gas fire and fire pit applications.
Schneppa Fire Glass™ is a premium tempered glass product, it is designed to withstand temperatures of 600 – 800 degrees centigrade.


The risk with non-tempered glass is that when subjected to extreme heat and flames, it can may produce hazardous chemicals. The glass may also melt, burn, discolour, crack, pop and become an extremely dangerous projectile.


Schneppa Fire Glass™ will not melt, burn or discolour. We offer a premium product which is safe and designed for this specific application

Application Tips

Fire Glass should be placed at the base of the fire, and not near the tongue of the flame.

Use only with gas burners that have been designed for use with glass.


Quantity Required

The quantity required depends on how much depth you want and the coverage you need.


It is quite popular to use the clear arctic colour as the base and then finish it with the smoke colour on top. Alternatively you could combine both colours so it’s a consistent blend throughout.


In terms of the level, it is quite common for there to be a larger amount of glass applied to the base of the fire. This creates a mound look to support the flame. If the area is quite long then having a flat level surface may be preferred.


We can happily talk through which option would suit you best, just give us a call or send us an email.

The average size grading is 5-30mm

This is available in 2.5kg and 10kg bags.

This is an imported glass. Unlike our other glass ranges, it is not a recycled product.


Available in 2.5kg & 10kg bags. 

* Every effort has been made to represent the true colour of the product

* Size and colour variations can occur between batches and colours

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