Glow Stones For Concrete

Create that ‘WOW’ factor in your home!

Use PolyGlow glow in the dark stones internally and externally to transform your area and add a differentiating value to your home.

This video showcases the MANY ways Polyglow can be applied and personalised to suit you!

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What is PolyGlow Glow in the Dark Stones?

Our PolyGlow Marble Glow in the dark stones look great in both polished concrete and exposed aggregate concrete applications anytime of the day or night. During daylight hours, PolyGlow Stones have the look of a classic crushed white marble aggregate, adding a real depth and quality to any concreted area. By night, be prepared to be amazed as these tumbled stone like pieces transform to emit a captivating ambient glow lasting for many hours. Glow stones for concrete can be used either indoors or outdoors. PolyGlow glow in the dark stones are also suitable for use in polished concrete benchtop applications.

Glow stones for concrete: perfect for use in all polished concrete and exposed aggregate concrete applications:

* 5-15mm size

* Premium grade photoluminescent aggregate

* Tumbled pieces – No sharp edges

* Strontium aluminate granular infused polymer resin stones

* Average quantity used per square metre : 120 – 200 grams seeded

Premium Product

Unlike many other photoluminescent products currently available, our exclusive premium grade PolyGlow Stones have strontium aluminate, the active compound that absorbs and emits light, embedded throughout the entire aggregate. This is crucial in both polished concrete and exposed aggregate concrete. If the active glow compound is only a coating applied to the external areas of the aggregate, if that aggregate is ground back, polished or simply worn out over time, the products ability to perform effectively will be compromised.

How to charge

Our glow stones will charge from exposure to either sunlight or artificial light sources. Whether used as a sole aggregate or in conjunction with either our 5-10mm Recycled Crushed Glass or our Clear Mirror Glass, Schneppa Glass™ PolyGlow Stones will be sure to add that wow factor to your next concrete application. Make your concrete glow in the dark concrete!

During manufacture, the PolyGlow aggregates have had a photoluminescent compound added into the raw material. This allows them to absorb either natural or artificial light and then emit that light as a soft glow during darkness. Exposure of around 30 minutes will give a glow time of approximately 6 – 8 hours. The glow starts off brightly and diminishes as the night progresses. The photoluminescent compound, strontium aluminate, has a cycle life of at least 10 years and is not radioactive.

The brightness of the glow emitted by Photoluminescent aggregates are effected by their surrounding environments. Put simply, the darker the night, the brighter they glow. For instance, if you have a street light or a bright moon present, the brilliance of the glow will appear less than it would in a darker setting.  PolyGlow Stones work best when placed under either direct sunlight or a sufficient quality artificial light source.

Available in 1kg bags.

3 Colours Available

Night time – Sky Blue

Day time – Creamy Marble White


 Night time – Neo Green 

Day time – Light Green Marble


Night Time – Marine

 Day time – Light Moss Marble

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Glow in the dark stones for walkway/ pathway

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