Pre Mix Glass



If you are wanting to go with the multi-coloured glass effect which has become an increasingly popular option, our striking pre mix glass range has been custom designed to make your colour selection fast, simple and virtually decision free.

Simply choose the colour scheme that best suits your taste and decorative style and you’re well on the way to having the most stunning decorative concrete in your neighbourhood!

For larger sized areas, we can supply the relevant colours and portions in 10kg bags for you to combine prior to seeding into concrete.




polished concrete glass

Forest Mix                                                                                           Ocean Mix

Broken glass in concrete1

Fire Mix

Available in 2.5kg bags


*Every effort has been made to represent the true colour of the product

*Size and colour variations can occur between batches and colours

*Due to the nature of recycled glass, some batches, on occasion, may contain traces of recycled by-products

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