Melbourne Residential Home – Pool Surround

Amazing residential pool complimented with the use of Schneppa Glass™ and PolyGlow Stones™

Glass – Ocean Mix

PolyGlow Stones – Sky Blue, Marine & Neo Green

Using the services of Nu Vision Landscapes and the concrete from OutWest Concrete, the owners of this beautiful pool are thrilled with the results. Completed in time to enjoy the upcoming summer months!

Booran Reserve- Glen Eira City Council – VICTORIA

Booran Reserve has quickly become known as ‘the best playground in Melbourne’. The area has been transformed from an old water reservoir catchment area, to an amazing water-themed playground. Parts of the old reservoir have been incorporated into the playground design, along with indigenous cultural elements to reflect our history.

Schneppa Glass products have helped create this fun atmosphere through the use of blue coloured glass in the concrete playground flooring. Through selecting multiple shades of the blue glass, it truly complements the water themed playground.

Arthurs Seat Chairlift Project- Dromana, VICTORIA

Officially re-opened December 3rd 2016, Arthurs Seat brings up to 100,000 visitors per year. The 314m high summit looks over the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Architects wanted a premium product to really bring out the ocean colours.

Schneppa Glass colours used: Ocean Blue, Blue Vein, Sky Blue, and Clear.
Used in concrete area at the bottom and top of the chairlift area

This will be world-class and easily be the biggest and best gondola ride of this type in Australia. It’s absolutely cutting-edge.

Hans Brugman

Chief Executive Officer, Arthurs Seat Skylift Pty Ltd

Tropical Queensland Residential Home

This stunning tropical house in Queensland wanted continuity between inside the house and the outdoors. In line with this, the polished concrete was laid both internally and externally. Blue based coloured glass was chosen along with neutral mirror glass.

Glass used: Ocean Blue, Blue Vein, Clear, Mirror Glass.

Polished concrete done by Ayrton from Colourfix–  Schneppa Glass highly recommends COLOURFIX for their expert, quality polishing of the Schneppa glass seeded concrete floors. Contact them for polished concrete and/or surface restoration.

We have had THE best experience using Schneppa recycled crushed glass in our new concrete floors. The results are outstanding! We just love our floors and have now continued the theme into other areas of our renovation, so much so, we dispensed with a planned timber floor and laid a suspended concrete slab instead, just so we could repeat the Schneppa glass beauty and delight in our master suite. We intend to use Schneppa again for our driveway and this time we’ll add some reflective pebbles to the mix.

In addition to the Schneppa brilliant products, the customer service has been faultless. We highly recommend Schneppa to anyone who wants unique, creative and stylish flooring.


QLD Home Owner

Adding colour to the City of Ballarat – VICTORIA

Approximately 100km out of Melbourne you will find the gorgeous country town of Ballarat. The city of Ballarat has been working with Schneppa Glass to transform the town with a pop of colour to their public areas.

This is being done by using Schneppa Glass recycled coloured glass in numerous projects around the town.

The unique look that coloured glass creates has been welcomed by residents as a fresh new look.

Over the 3 projects the following colours have been used: Flame Red, Yellow, Bushtone Yellow, and Indiana.

Mathew Wallis has been overseeing the use of the glass and is the horticulturalist for the City of Ballarat

Box Hill Laneway Rejuvenation

Box Hill has brought an iconic laneway to life with the use of Schneppa Glass Glow Stones. This have been seeded into the concrete walkway to provide a stunning glow at night along the laneway path.

PolyGlow Stones – Sky Blue

Projects currently in the development stage

An Estate development in Highgrove, VICTORIA is well underway and are using premium Schneppa Glass products.

Schneppa Glass has provided POLYGLOW glow stones which will be used as inserts in the concrete.

Below are a couple pictures of the early stages during the day. At night the glow stones will illuminate to provide a stunning glow.








Highgrove Display village-  newspaper article

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The first Earthship house being built in Australia will be using glass and glow product by Schneppa Glass.

“. . . the Earthship is the epitome of sustainable design and construction. No part of sustainable living has been ignored in this ingenious building.” –  Earthship Biotecture

Being eco-friendly is what Schneppa Glass is all about, so working with Earthship is a great fit!

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